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" My husband was experiencing many bouts with vertigo for at least 5 years. This made him subject to extreme dizziness and sometimes falling down and hurting himself. Our son knew Brad Freemyer, PT and had recommended him several times to us. When he had another bout of vertigo about four months ago we finally called Brad. He explained what he does over the phone and we made an appointment with him to come to our house.

He asked my husband quite a few questions and had him do some very simple exercises and with this first visit we saw results immediately. He still does a few simple exercises a few times a week (that only take a few minutes) and the results are unbelievable!! It has been about five weeks since Brad first came here and my husband's vertigo has not returned. We should have followed our son's advice long ago. This has made a huge difference in our lives.

Thanks so much Brad."

- Shirley and Bert Stumberg

" How do you say "thank you" to someone who has taken you from a motorized wheelchair as "legs" to one who actually walks? 

I had been in and out of  the hospital and rehab for months and months and seen several specialists who finally concluded that it was "acute arthritis" in my knees, causing excrucitating pain.
When you saw me, I was sitting in an armchair (which I also slept in because I couldn't climb into a bed!); feeling sorry for myself and resigned to never walking again.  That was "B.B." - Before Brad.  You had me in a regimen of exercises (it wasn't only my knees that hurt!), using muscles that I didn't know I had!! But, seriously, you worked with me week after week, and those magic fingers got rid of the pain in my knees and you had me trying out the walker.  
I have a wheeled walker now and have been picking up my life again - walking to get the mail - working in the kitchen - going out to lunch occasionally - and so on.
Now it was time to get on by myself and I am faithfully doing your exercises.  Bit by bit my confidence grows - I sit straighter - walk straighter - and hope to improve more; but at 83, the old bones don't take kindly to change but the Lord is helping as well.
I can never thank you enough for treating me and making me believe that, if I tried hard enough and practiced enough, I COULD DO IT.
If I meet anyone who could benefit like me, I will certainly recommend "my physical therapist".

Betty "


- Betty

" Five years ago, I was diagnosed with acute arthritis at 79 years of age and had a complete replacement of my left knee. This improved my ability to walk, but slowly in the years that followed, arthritis had affected my hips and lower back making it difficult to walk again.
By coincidence, a few months ago, you began to visit our house to give physical therapy to my wife for a severe condition of arthritis in her knees that was perventing her from walking; even though she had spent several months in the hospital and rehab recieving treatments. After I saw the progress that my wife was making from your treatment, I arranged for you to see if you could help me, and after only a few visits from you, I began to show definite improvement and I was able to get around much more easily than before.
Several weeks later, now that you have completed your course of treatments. I continue to do the daily exercises  that you taught me and am able to maintain the improvements that you achieved for me.
I will most certainly recommend your services to anyone that I think you can help and I thank the Lord that you came to treat my wife.
                                Yours Sincerely,
                                      Jack "

- Jack

" I awoke one morning and got out of bed with dizziness and unable to walk straight. I went to my primary doctor where I was diagnosed with vertigo, or an innner ear problem. The doctor gave me an injection and prescribed Antivert which has helped me in the past, but this time I continued to be very dizzy and could not walk alone.
One week later, I seemed to worsen, so the doctor increased the strength of Antivert and added steriods. Nothing touched it.
I was referred to an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) doctor who told me that there is no medication or surgery that will help me. He referred me to a physical therapist where I went for four or five times. That therapist told me he knew a therapist who would drive to my home for therapy since I had asked people to drive me back and forth for treatment.
He contacted Brad Freemeyer and we set up appointments for two times per week. On the first treatment I could tell a difference and after five treatments he dismissed me because I was not dizzy anymore, but I continued the exercises three times a day- then two times a day- and now I do the exercises each morning before getting out of bed. I do not have any dizziness, for which I am very thankful and grateful."  


- Evelyn

" The atmosphere of your facility is very relaxing and enjoyable. Amy has done wonders for me , especially in the neck and shoulder area. Thank you."

- Kay

" I went to physical therapy for six months with Brad Freemyer after I had knee surgery for a torn meniscus. My surgeon highly recommended Brad and the location was very convenient to my high school, Blessed Trinity. Brad was very careful with my knee, yet challenged me at the same time so I could recover in time for my spring sport. Thanks to Brad's expertise and dedication, I am back on the field feeling stronger and more stable than I was before the injury, preparing for college athletics next year."

- Matthew Kinney

" During therapy, Brad introduced me to the Functional Movement Screen Test. This test helped identify my weaknesses and what I needed to work on more. It really helped me focus on the key areas I needed to strengthen in able to recover faster. It was simple, accurate, and an easy way for me to recognize progress."

- Matthew Kinney- FMS screening

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Success Stories


" During therapy, Brad introduced me to the Functional Movement Screen Test. This test helped identify my weaknesses and what I needed to ..."

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