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Dry Needling

Dry needling is a skilled intervention provided by physical therapists that uses a thin filiform needle to penetrate the skin and stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points, muscular tissues, and connective tissues for the management of neuromuscular pain and movement impairments. Dry needling is part of the physical therapist professional scope of practice and has been recognized as being part of the legal scope of practice in a majority of states. Dry Needling is similar to the eastern practice of accupuncture but does not incorporate the use of 'meridians' or energy channels referred to in accupuncture in order to achieve therapeutic benefits. Dry needling is based on western neuroanatomy and modern scientific study of the musculoskeletal and nervous system. Dry needling accesses points along the pathways that correspond with nerves, motor points and trigger points in muscle, and when used in conjunction with neuro muscular re-education and other physical therapy treatments, treating these areas with dry needling can have a positive, therapeutic effect on injured muscles and nerves and improve body functions. A Step Ahead Physical Therapy follows the guidelines recommended by the American Physical Therapist Association.

Steven Owens is our resident expert in this discipline. If you ae interested in Dry Needling as a part of your healing process, please call our front desk and make an appointment with Steven today. 

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