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Title: Fall 2011

A Step Ahead Physical Therapy
A Step Ahead Physical Therapy
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Issue 4                                       Fall 2011

Physical Well-being VS. Financial Well-being?

"Am I physically prepared to enjoy the future I have planned?"

  • Have you noticed that your Insurance Premiums are going higher and higher?
  • Have you noticed that your financial share of your medical care is going higher?
  • Have you noticed that often the level of care and time spent with you by your Medical Providers is getting less and less?
  • Have these changes caused you to delay seeking treatment for minor or nagging issues?
My assumption is that you would answer yes to some or all of these questions. These answers lead me to a couple of areas that I think are very important to the financial and physical well-being of all of us. Go to our website to find out how these important issues affect each of our physical and financial well-being. I hope that they will encourage you to make a lifestyle change that will make a huge impact on your health and your wallet. Enjoy the benefits of your investment now and during retirement. Click here for full article

October is Physical Therapy Month

Welcome Marian Saunders, PT

Don't Play Through the Pain!!

As an athlete or active person you may be used to the occasional soreness, discomfort, or fatigue; however PAIN is a clear signal that something is wrong. Staying in the game or continuing at the same level of activity may cause further injury, permanent damage, and ultimately an end to your sport or activity.

It is important to remember that prompt treatment may help you recover more quickly and alleviate the need for prolonged time away from your sport or activity.

Get medical help for an injury if:

  • You have severe pain or swelling or you cant put weight
    on the injured limb without pain
  • An old injury becomes painful or swollen and symptoms
    wont go away
  • You have trouble moving the injured limb in the correct
    manner or the way you were able to before.

If you currently do not have an injury but have had injuries or simply notice that you have a "nagging" issue we recommend you consider a FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT SCREEN This highly effective screen can pinpoint deficits that may be causing repeat injuries and with appropriate correction can be resolved. Please see www. functionalmovement.com for more information on the FMS.

Click here for full article