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Title: Fall 2010 Newsletter

A Step Ahead Physical Therapy
A Step Ahead Physical Therapy
930 Woodstock Road, Suite 930
Roswell, GA 30075     770-998-6636
Issue 2                                       Fall 2010
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October is Physical Therapy Month

In honor of National Physical Therapy Month, A Step Ahead is offering a Free Postural Screen or Balance Screening during the month of October. All you need to do is call us to schedule a convenient time and spend 15 minutes with one of our therapists.

Tackling Fall and Winter Cleanup

The fall and winter seasons bring new challenges around the yard. Yard work and outdoor projects can be overwhelming to the body if someone is not used to the activity, does something for too long, or does something more strenuous than usual. It can also be a great stress relief to some and a workout for most people.

The body has to take on extra force through the joints and support structures when bending or lifting improperly, twisting, working overhead, or during repetitive motions (with bending and

twisting being the worst motions for ones spine).1 These motions and activities may lead to a new injury or aggravate an old/pre-existing one. Some common injuries that can occur are:

  • Muscle strains or tendonitis
  • Spinal mal-alignment
  • Disc injuries in the neck or back
  • Joint pain and swelling
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Its that time again where we see our children, grandchildren, and neighborhood kids trekking off to school with the weight of the world on their shoulders literally!! Backpacks are a very popular and convenient way to carry items needed for school, work, and other activities. But, when used incorrectly backpacks may cause back pain in children that can extend into adult life. It is important to understand how to choose a backpack, how to wear it appropriately,

and how to recognize signs if your childs backpack load may be too heavy.

**Please feel free to come by the clinic for a free backpack assessment if you have any questions as to the safety of your childs backpack

Backpack Weight Guidelines
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Many Thanks to: Amy, Joyce, Brad, Vickie