Success Stories

  • A Step Ahead has helped me — in that — Brad got rid of the pain in my leg in less than two months and it’s wonderful to walk without pain…and I’m 82 years old. The staff is great, great and greater.. my experience with Brad and the Women’s Workshop with Kim and Dawn. Much better attention at A Step Ahead… individualized and not worked on as a group

    A Step Ahead has enabled me to be mobile in spite of moderate to severe arthritis of the hip and spine, and maintain core strength. Plus helped as needed with vertigo symptoms. The staff all present as professional, friendly, and up to date in knowledge, so rendering the best service. I feel welcomed in a positive atmosphere, and most importantly given every available assistance in maintaining an independent lifestyle

    Rosalie B. (R.N.)

  • Step Ahead and, in particular, Kim has given me more strength and confidence in walking. At my first evaluation I had trouble standing up without using something for support. Not any more. I am stronger than ever and now I am working on Balance. Kim never gave up trying to figure out why my legs would all of a sudden go weak. Her suggestions of Tai Chi and water aerobics as well as Yoga have helped as well. All the therapists are caring and want the best for their clients. They are all friendly and personable. They even help each other when necessary because they know two heads are better than one. I researched physical therapy at great length, and I chose Step Ahead. In some offices you share the therapists with other patients. The therapy time at Step Ahead is strictly yours. Individualized care means you see results faster.

    -Sharon F.

    A Step Ahead helped me following a car accident with my neck and back. The staff is very friendly and just good people. My therapist was excellent and could not imagine having a better experience. A Step Ahead genuinely cares about their patients.

    -Lisa G.

  • It’s difficult to list all that physical therapy at A Step Ahead Physical Therapy has helped, but #1 on the list is that I am no longer suffering daily pain. I am stronger, more fit, and capable of working out, where as before physical therapy that was not possible. The staff is beyond excellent! Pure gold! The specialized care, tailored for me and my needs. No “in-and-out” rushed appointments.

    -Sarah D.

    A Step Ahead has worked with me on a number of issues. It has helped me in many ways to keep my many problems in check and avoid medications. I think the staff is top notch in terms of all these things. They all are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I have only had physical therapy one other time, after shoulder surgery. My experience at A Step Ahead has far exceeded my experience there.

    -Peggy E.

  • After rotator cuff surgery and a fractured humerus on the same arm in 2106, I spent many, many hours with my therapist. Dawn is a caring and very knowledgeable lady who gave me 100%. She worked very hard to return my life to normal. I am very grateful to her. The staff is wonderful! They care about their patients and do everything possible to help us recover. The therapists continue to improve their expertise by taking classes to increase their skills or learn new ones. The therapists at A Step Ahead spend an entire hour with their patients. Unlike other places where the therapist send you off to exercise by yourself where you could be doing them incorrectly.

    -Pat G.

    A Step Ahead significantly reduced my knee pain, back pain and hip pain. The staff are excellent, personal and friendly.

    -Paul S.

  • The treatment I receive at A Step Ahead helped me recover from a recent injury and taught me how to manage and prevent pain going forward. The staff at A Step Ahead is excellent. They are very knowledgeable, professional and attentive. They genuinely care over their patients. I felt as though I received very personal attention. The treatment was customized for my needs at each appointment.

    -Elizabeth R.

    A Step Ahead helped me get back in physical shape after a knee injury. They helped me learn how to better condition myself to prevent future injury. The staff are all excellent!!! The therapists really care about helping you and also educating you to prevent future issues.

    -Megan H.